With the Care for Kids project initiated by Sanetta, our aim is to assume greater responsibility for children in terms of social, cultural and educational issues. We don’t just want to make good clothes for children; we also want to go that extra mile and encourage, enthuse and support them. In our efforts to achieve this aim, we work hard at developing various activities and events that deal with the issues of health, sport, creativity and nutrition.


Care for Kids is the platform we use to get exciting projects up off the ground and put them into practice. We work with people who know what they’re talking about; people who know what works for children and parents.

‘Bring children to the snow’ with the FIS

Care for Kids is a partner of “World Snow Day” run by the FIS (International Ski Federation), the aim of which is to get children aged from four to 14 interested in the fascinating sport of skiing. The slogan of the project is ‘bring children to the snow’. Sanetta developed a winter outdoor collection for World Snow Day to make the snow experience even more fun for kids. Sanetta was also a sponsor of World Snow Day on 19 January 2014 in Garmisch in Germany.

Cooking with the Sarah Wiener Foundation

Working in collaboration with the Sarah Wiener Foundation, Care for Kids supports the foundation’s projects in the fields of health and nutrition. The Sarah Wiener Foundation is based in Berlin and was founded in 1998 by Sarah Wiener, Alfred Biolek and others. The foundation shows great dedication in its commitment to advocating a conscious approach towards the subjects of nutrition and food. Drawing on the aspirations and core values shared by the two initiatives, a long-standing partnership has been established with a view to advancing the activities of the Sarah Wiener Foundation and raising awareness of the theme by garnering the relevant media attention. The official launch of the cooperation was celebrated with a cookery event in Munich’s Kochgarage. On 7 May 2012, Ms Wiener was joined by 12 children as they prepared a healthy meal using produce from the region.

Painting with the Baden-Baden children’s art workshop

Care for Kids is committed to bringing children and art together in cooperation with the Baden-Baden children’s art workshop (Kinderkunstwerkstatt Baden-Baden). But this particular project wasn’t just any ordinary painting class; it was one of those occasions that stays etched in the memory given the teacher’s unique way of helping kids understand art. Taught by a qualified cultural scientist, the workshop explained various things to the little artists, such as why Picasso was so remarkable and what makes them and their creativity so special.