High quality and sustainable production have played a very important part at Sanetta ever since the company was founded in 1957. We therefore have our own production facilities in Europe (Bulgaria and Romania), where we employ around 590 people. This enables us to guarantee unwaveringly high quality and resource-efficient production that has minimal impact on the environment. The short distances to our logistics plant in Meßstetten, Germany, additionally spare the environment. This sustainable approach is present throughout our entire value creation process and is an important pillar of our philosophy.
You can find more information on sustainability in general at Sanetta here.

Fabric manufacture – top quality, stitch after stitch

The fabrics manufactured by Sanetta are made on so-called circular knitting machines. It operates 70 machines in total, the smallest of which knits with 900 needles and the largest with no less than 3,600. What’s special about circular knitting machines is that they can also produce fabrics in body sizes, i.e. with no irritating side seams. A baby’s skin is especially sensitive, so approximately half of our baby clothes have no side seams. The technical know-how and expertise that Sanetta has acquired over the decades mean we can also produce fabrics in small body sizes, especially for children – for products that feel good against the skin from a very early age.

The finishing process – kind to the environment

Fabric finishing is what happens when fabrics are bleached (white), dyed, printed on and finished. These processes are conducted in accordance with stringent regulations at Sanetta that protect people and the environment. This production stage also includes fabric preshrinking, which is always performed without the use of chemicals at Sanetta. To this end, a special process was developed involving water, steam and heat only, to make the fabrics suitable for tumble-drying. This chemical-free tumble dryer suitability is one of the specific hallmarks of Sanetta quality.

Quality testing – of high standards

To guarantee unwaveringly high fabric quality, fabric samples are tested upon delivery. The shrinkage percentage and m² weight are calculated for each sample taken from a roll of fabric. An optical check is additionally performed by an inspection machine, to identify and document any defects such as stains or holes. So-called sewability tests are also conducted. Of the seven to eight tons of fabric delivered each week, approximately 2,500 to 3,000 metres of fabric are examined in this way to determine the quality. Once this thorough quality testing has been completed, only rolls/pieces of fabric that meet our very high quality expectations are processed.

Cutting – it takes expertise to produce a good cut

New cuts and patterns are produced at the Sanetta company headquarters in Meßstetten. Producing patterns for children calls in particular for a high degree of cut expertise and many years of experience. The actual fabric cutting is handled at Sanetta’s own production facilities in Europe. State-of-the-art computer technology is used to lay out the lengths of fabric as required and to position the cutting templates. The pieces are then cut to size by an automatic cutter. This guarantees consistent cutting accuracy and quality. In addition, between 30 and 50 layers of fabric can be cut simultaneously, depending on a fabric’s attributes. On occasion, the pieces are even cut by hand if the fabric attributes call for this or if product samples are to be made.

The sewing process – experience coupled with high tech

Sanetta employs sewers trained by the company at its own production plants, all of whom work at ergonomically designed workstations. These production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art computer-aided machines. There are also special high-tech sewing machines which are especially suited to producing the elastic and fine fabrics used in the garments. We are therefore able to unfailingly deliver high-quality workmanship based on a combination of experienced staff and vast technical expertise. To guarantee our high quality standards, each and every item is subjected to a thorough check at the end of the sewing process. Some 16,000 finished garments are produced in this way every day, depending on the collection and the complexity of the items. By running our own production, we are able not only to comply with stringent European quality standards, but also to secure our employees’ jobs in accordance with European social norms.

The ingredients – meticulous attention to detail

For us, manufacturing a high-quality product is about more than merely material quality and workmanship – the little details also matter, and these are selected with a great deal of care at Sanetta. Our designers choose suitable small and decorative elements to be worked into each item we produce. These ‘ingredients’ include, for example, sewing thread, snap fasteners and buttons, zips, bows and sew-in labels. On average, around 4,756 different ingredients are kept in stock at Sanetta per season, as the number and type of ingredients used vary, depending on what suits each garment best. As a result, it’s also the finer details that make our products rather special.

Logistics – a philosophy of short distances

To guarantee an efficient workflow, logistics are handled entirely at the Sanetta headquarters in Meßstetten. Some 800 boxes of new items are delivered to Meßstetten from the company’s own production plants in Europe every week. The items delivered are already presorted on the basis of customer requirements and have had barcodes added. These barcodes contain all the important information about a garment’s colour, article number and quantity, allowing order picking, i.e. processing and putting together the customers’ orders, to begin right away. Thanks to production made in Europe and a logistics centre in Germany, the end product can be delivered to our customers quickly, while efficient, environmentally friendly logistics is also guaranteed. Additionally, Sanetta uses foldable, reusable cardboard packaging in this area too, as this is kind to the environment. Approximately 600 parcels are dispatched from the headquarters in Meßstetten to Sanetta customers in this way each day.